Jan, 24, 6 pm
Helmut Draxler

Trust or Control? On the Psychopolitics of the Private Sphere


In the customary discourse on monitoring and control, the private sphere appears only in the guise of passive victim whose passing seems more or less merely a question of time. But as a matter of fact, an understanding of the private sphere as an “arena” constituting middle-class power is long overdue—an arena in which mutual trust is entangled subtly yet deeply with the mechanisms of monitoring and control.

Helmut Draxler is an art and culture theorist, and occasional curator, who lives in Berlin. Publications (selected): Gefährliche Substanzen. Zum Verhältnis von Kritik und Kunst, Berlin 2007; Die Gewalt des Zusammenhangs. Repräsentation, Raum und Referenz bei Fareed Armaly, Berlin 2007; Shandyismus. Autorschaft als Genre, Stuttgart 2007.