Artist Talk:

December 13, 5 pm


December 13, 6 pm

Dec 14 to Feb 15
Iris Andraschek/Hubert Lobnig

Cruising Around


For their exhibition project Iris Andraschek and Hubert Lobnig are cooperating with the Research Seminar for Transportation Informatics, part of the University Institute for Intelligent System Technologies that is located directly over the galleries of Kunstraum Lakeside. Transdisciplinary research has been carried out here for some time with the aim of developing a self-steered vehicle equipped with cameras and sensors that could soon show university staff the way across the campus and between the university and Lakeside Park as well as transporting campus mail. What is remarkable about its design is that the robot can evidently not only be seen as a product of technological euphoria or efficiency orientation, but that the developers have also ascribed various roles and functions to it that display almost human, identity-forming components: … >>