Screening and Artist Talk

Oct 11, 6 pm
Klub Zwei

Things. Places. Years.


2004 | 70 min

Often, in their representation, experiences of expulsion, emigration and the Holocaust are treated as things past. The documentary “Things. Places. Years.“ recognises the past as part of the present. This past is part of our identities, as the descendants of those deported and forced into exile, as the children of witnesses, bystanders and perpetrators.

“Things. Places. Years.“ shows the impact of forced emigration and the Holocaust in the lives of three generations of women in London. The film also focuses on their work. Nearly all of the twelve women featured in the film found their occupations in the cultural field. Most have a Jewish background. However, it is difficult to define what these women have in common. Is it their Jewishness or their interest in art and culture? Or is it how they confront the past? … >>