Artist talk:

September 20, 5 pm


September 20, 6 pm

Sept 21 to Nov 30
Ricardo Basbaum

la société du spectacle (& NBP)


Project for the Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt

The project “la société du spectacle (& NBP)” proposes a temporary intervention at the Kunstraum Lakeside space, using some of the visual tools I have been employing in my recent work. The purpose is to point to some of the aspects present in the actual relation between art, culture and the new economy, trying to recognize some role for contemporary art in the current situation—not only in terms of the art practice but also thinking of the different roles taken by the artist (agent, writer, critic, curator, …) and the consequent ‘image of the artist.’

The title “la société du spectacle (& NBP)” is clearly an overstatement, in the sense of indicating how the sentence coined by Guy Debord is now a commonplace, a sort of ‘landscape.’ One is conscious of inhabiting and moving within such an environment, permeated by ‘spectacle logistics’; there is the need to institute some form of resistance to it, react and produce the necessary distance that can permit the development of different strategies. … >>