May 15, 7 pm
Antke Engel

Sexuelle Diversität unter neoliberalen Vorzeichen


The present-day pluralization of sexual and gender lifestyles is taking place in the tension-charged field between neoliberal economic transformations and political movements predicated on sexuality. Interesting in this context are both the discursive overlaps that result from individualization as standard and the ideology free shaping of one’s own gender identity and sexuality, as well as the contradictions that undermine the supposed coincidence of sexual freedom and the free market. Even though socio-economic integration cannot be equated with policymaking power, the normalization of divergent sexual lifestyles certainly goes hand-in-hand with certain gains in freedom. What do these look like? Who profits from them? And at what cost? What seems characteristic to me today is a paradoxical simultaneity of respect for privacy and the outing what is private: While on the one hand a depoliticization of sexual lifestyles is propagated, so that sexual deviance or dissidence seem to be private affairs, at the same time the reproduction and circulation of public images is fostered, which in particular mark out some forms of homosexuality as not only being acceptable, but veritably celebrate them as avant-garde neoliberal subjectivity. … >>