Lecture and Screening

April 10, 7 pm
Bojana Pejić/Mare Tralla

Heroine of work


Bojana Pejić
Heroine of Work – Today: From ”Red Love” to the CODE:RED

“Heroine of Work” is a term that has a special meaning in East European countries and is associated with practices of state-Socialism. The title is directly inspired by a cartoon published in the Moscow newspaper “Izvestia” in 1992. The lecture will offer a parcours through visual representations (paintings, posters, films, videos, installations, public art) that deal with prostitution, sex work, trafficking in women, forced migration, mail-order brides, and “feminization of poverty”.

Mare Tralla
The Heroine of Post Socialist Labour

The “working” women who achieve super-model like body and looks are the new post-socialist work-heroines. In my video I look ironically on this new work, compare it with the old heroines work to see if they are both equally hard. (Mare Tralla) … >>