March 11 to May 6

Siegfried Zaworka «Maniforme Schwebe»


For his first solo exhibition in Carinthia, Siegfried Zaworka (b. 1972 in Wolfsberg) has created a complex scenario in three parts consisting of drawings, an installation and a film. In Maniform Suspension, the artist sets out in search of a mania-like, exceptional state of limbo that oscillates between the banal and the substantial to explore how meaning can be generated, transformed, turned upside down or even extinguished altogether.

The starting point for the drawings and the installation on the glass façade of Kunstraum Lakeside are logos of local supermarket chains conjoined with symbols of rule such as the eagle emblem of the Austrian Armed Forces trade union or the logos of major corporations. As introduction to the work, Zaworka has affixed hybrid combinations of heraldic animals and the SPAR supermarket logo onto the glass walls of the Kunstraum, imitating advertising and supermarket aesthetics, or the stickers meant to prevent birds from flying at the windows. Thus guided into the room, visitors are then confronted with a block of large-format drawings done on ground primed with stone dust and wax and playing variations on the theme of alienating, dynamizing, mixing up and distorting various motifs. What started out as a purposeful generation of symbols becomes blurred and liquefied, copying itself to create a vocabulary of shades of gray of increasing and decreasing intensity.

A film documenting a performance by Siegfried Zaworka and Franz Bergmüller at the Kunsthalle Wien in 2012 is the third element of the exhibition to undergo a process of recycling. The new cut of the documentary material that was prepared for the exhibition is a close-up of movements that visualize the struggle to shape sound, thus integrating the element of music, which is so important to the artist, into the exhibition.

Siegfried Zaworka
born 1972 in Wolfsberg,
lives and works in Vienna.

Hemma Schmutz