Opening: Thu, March 19, 6.30 pm

The exhibition will be presented by Hemma Schmutz, curator Kunstraum Lakeside


Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch, Das Denkmal ©  Bildrecht, Wien, 2015

March 20 until May 8

Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch
«The Monument»


Two of the elements constituting the artistic methodology of this artist duo are the human body and movement. To travel the distance of the circumference of the earth on a two-kilometer-long race track in northern Spain seems to be an absurd undertaking. Where do we end up when we set ourselves in motion? Are we just turning in circles, or is the journey itself the goal? For their project “The Internal Border” (2008), Six and Petritsch walked the length of the border established by the 1920 Carinthian plebiscite and took photographs of the border at regular intervals. The pictures generated on their route are void of people and result from the random division of the whole stretch into individual sections. What happens here is a denial and a destruction of popular imagery and political rhetoric, opening up the possibility for rethinking this exceedingly fraught chapter of Carinthian history from square one.  …>>