Opening: October 1, 6.30 pm
The exhibition will be presented by Hemma Schmutz

artist talk with Michael Höpfner: November 5, 6.30 pm

picture credits: Marjetica Potrč, Acre: Architecture is a Social Structure; 2007, ink on paper, Courtesy the artist and Galerie Nordenhake Berlin/Stockholm

October 2 until November 20


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To mark the 10th anniversary of Kunstraum Lakeside and the opening of the new building B11 at Lakeside Science & Technology Park, a group exhibition will deal with themes such as urban development, the generation of work, research, ecology and culture – all factors that have shaped the course of the Kunstraum and the park from their inception. Existing works will be exhibited and new ones commissioned.

The terms “local” and “global” are in the process of dissolving. Permeable borders and the unlimited global availability of information cause us to question our understanding of what place and identity really mean. In a global struggle between disparate political and economic power structures, the possibilities for positioning and developing local identities are limited and all too often consigned to wishful thinking or romantically tinged nostalgia. ...>>