Opening: November 26, 6.30 pm
The exhibition will be presented by Hemma Schmutz





Picture credits: Anna Witt, Sixty Minutes Smiling, 2014, Courtesy Galerie Tanja Wagner, Berlin



Ulrike Müller


November 27 until Jannuary 29


Anna Witt
"Passion, Power, Performance"



Anna Witt’s performative interventions and video installations deal with the repetition of the cultural habitus of the individual and with the stereotypical constructs that are determined by family values, everyday politics and the mainstream communication media in Western society and their visual representations.

The exhibition Passion, Power, Performance at Kunstraum Lakeside looks at working life, including processes in today’s working world and the maximization of human resources. Marketing and management are no longer merely about the product or service itself, but about selling emotions.  ...>>