December 4, 6 pm

Dec 5 to Feb 13
Tanja Widmann

Making oneself similar in this sense.


1) Making oneself similar in this sense. Draft project, first version:

Walter Benjamin repeatedly writes of children’s ability to access a creative level of mimesis that brings together perception and active reshaping of what is perceived, harboring a revolutionary power. He thus believes as well, pursuing a line of thought in which educators are educated, in which teachers become learners, to have rediscovered by observing these mimetic achievements a mode of cognition that goes beyond finding the «right answer» to uncover other ways to relate consciousness and reality, yielding endless potential for transformation. Based on the approaches taken up until now, which have been characterized by mimetic actions and questions of appropriation in the sense of a translation of what’s there, by paradox, feeble humor and inertia, here text and movement are once again to be delayed, to be opened up and ultimately cheerfully usurped. Because the space is still open and the game must first be invented. … >>