Opening and artist´s talk: December 6, 6.30 pm



image courtesy of Carbon 12 Dubai

Dec. 7 to Feb. 8

«Geopolitics of Roots – No Man’s Land, Part 2»




The Iranian artist Ghazel has been focusing since the 1990s on issues of migration, exile and (trans)cultural identities. Among the Paris- and Tehran-based artist’s most well-known works are the «Me Series» of very short videos in which Ghazel, dressed in a chador, performs absurd yet tragi-comic scenes from transcultural everyday life; her poster campaign «Wanted» about attempted marriages between illegal aliens and legal residents living in France as survival tactic; and the film «Home(stories),» which she shot with asylum seekers in ­Italy based on a theatrical production about the problem of finding a home. Inspired by her own experiences with immigration, discrimination, threats of expulsion, and finally the achievement of a new nationality, Ghazel has recently turned her attention to stories others have to tell, often refugees and transit migrants without papers>>