Opening and discussion: March 28, 6.30 pm

Eshibition Views

March 29 until July 6
«This Really Happened Here»



Hubert Lobnig, Matthias Wieser «Klagenfurt Is Burning»

For the exhibition «This Really Happened Here» three events have been researched and prepared as examples of the alternative and counter-culture history of Carinthia.

            At the focus of the exhibition is the now historical incident of the occupation of Reitschulgasse 4 and the associated demand for the establishment of a cultural and communications center for everyone, «KommZ» for short, in Klagenfurt/Celovec. On 20 June 1979, in parallel with the Bachmann competition taking place as part of the «Encounter Week» – in which a protest was held against the form taken by the reading competition – literary figures and youth occupied the building adjoining the event location.>>