Afterwards discussion with Helmut Peissl, Heike Schiebeck and members of the cooperative

May 23, 6.30 pm


Films by and with Longo maï Kooperative Stopar near Eisenkappel/Železna Kapla


«Kärnten, Kärnten über alles» (Longo Mai 1979)

«Zukunft säen – Vielfalt ernten. Saatgut bleibt Gemeingut. Ein Film für die Erhaltung der Nutzpflanzenvielfalt und Ernährungssouveränität» (2010)


In 1977 the Longo maï group founded a cooperative at the Hof Stopar farm near Eisenkappel/ Železna Kapla. The Austrian Longo Maï Cooperative (the international group was established in 1973), subtitled the Association for the Promotion of Resettlement of Mountain Regions, carried out a counter-movement to the building occupiers, moving from city to country in order to make itself autonomous from social and economic constraints by means of agriculture and self-sufficiency. >>