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June 29, 6.30 pm

BombaClab in Residence


The «BombaClab» is a building occupation project on Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt/Celovec that had a related agenda, but deployed divergent aesthetic means. In early summer, young people occupied two military barracks on a former shooting range. One of the goals of BombaClab was to look into the historical background of the place. Here as well, the youth – who, in keeping with the times, were more part of the DJ and sprayer culture – demanded an autonomous center in Klagenfurt/ Celovec where they could hold events and parties or just hang out, «because there were hardly any places for culture in Klagenfurt/Celovec that were outside the realm of commerce, nationalism and control.» No one was living in the buildings at the time, and they were regularly used by various groups for their events. Nevertheless, this «free space, which actively integrates the Slovenian language and culture […], where no one is excluded because of his/her skin color, gender or sexual orientation,» was cleared out in fall 2006, sealed by the police and fenced off. The buildings are still empty to this day: «Never trust in Klagenfurt.