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Filmscreening: Anna Jermolaewa, «Kremlin Doppelgänger», HD, 21 min, 2009

Artist Talk: Oct 25, 6 pm

Oct 4 to Dec 2
Films by

Anna Jermolaewa


«Aleksandra Wysokinska/20 Jahre danach» Video, HD, 41 min., 2009


In May 1989 Aleksandra Wysokinska helped the fleeing Anna Jermolaewa, who was forced to leave the USSR for political reasons, by granting her shelter in Krakow for one week as well as organizing and financing the further flight to Vienna, where Anna Jermolaewa was finally granted political asylum. The two women had never met before in their lives and also after those happenings haven’t had any contact again. The video «Aleksandra Wysokinska/ 20 years later» documents the first meeting of Anna Jermolaewa and Aleksandra Wysokinska after 20 years. While Jermolaewa originally intended to do a portrait of Aleksandra Wysokinska and to properly thank her for her help, the video tells the story of the flight of Jermolaewa as well as the story of her helper. … >>