Opening and Artist Talk:
Dec 13, 6 pm


Dec 14 to Feb 2
Igor Grubić

366 Liberation Rituals


366 reasons

366 Liberation Rituals, whose starting point is, among other things, the 40th anniversary of 1968, consists of a series of everyday small rituals which touch upon the problems of the society I live in. With my actions, I evoke youthful enthusiasm, rebellion, idealism, nostalgia. Regardless of the fact that they may sometimes seem utopian, naive, or even pathetic, the rituals point to the basic human need to question the world around us, and the need for change.

At the same time, considering the fact that I myself will turn 40 this year and that I am going through the «mid-life crisis», with this act I am in a way also fighting against the socially imposed perception of my own age which, in the conventional view, is supposed to reflect ‘seriousness’, professional achievement, material security. Through small rituals I try to achieve some form of liberation from routine habits, from the need for security and conformity which, as I grow older, are becoming more prominent. The rituals are a way of resisting those inner compulsions, automatisms but also to my own feeling of shame and the need for acceptance. … >>