Videoexperiment: Jan 24, 6 pm

Jan 24, 6 pm
Markus Brandstätter



«[abschatten]» is a video experiment that attempts to bring existences and occurrences that are overshadowed or blocked out by society into the light. Klagenfurt in 2010 is the location where these existences and occurrences are addressed.

More and more people in our society are being pushed into the shadowy areas of daily life. For a fleeting moment we appear to take an interest in them – we pay attention to them and appropriate whatever seems useful. This is often quite easy since the shadowed existences simply do not exist for the general population, or are easily ignored. In most cases they are poor people, the disabled, the disadvantaged, unemployed alcoholics, elderly people, immigrants, beggars, academics, artists, and outsiders of all forms. If they do not prove themselves sufficiently compatible, they are either made more compatible or are overshadowed and marginalized by society. … >>