Opening and Artist Talk:
May 31, 6.30 pm


June 1 to July 9
Inge Vavra

LATENT MATERIAL – undisclosed memory


With situation-related interventions in ­Kunstraum Lakeside, Inge Vavra is creating an installation on the theme of «Time» to set off a discussion on artistic practice.

Loose thoughts on the occasion of a work about

… the simultaneity of the non-simultaneous (and vice versa)

In the beginning: the artist watches a television documentary; a film scene in it evokes the memory of a childhood experience. The memory manifests itself as a picture, resembling a still-existing photograph from the days of childhood.

… Shape, shaping

Memory traces latently preserved in the individual as a propensity for excitation are reactivated. Aesthetic and emotional positions compete.

… Feedback – interaction

The artist photographs the scene off the screen, thus suspending the moment of memory. In the frozen image sequence, in the unfinished sentence, the negative forms make room for the positive forms, for prosaic strings as well as for poetic reverberations. She remixes contact points and predetermined breaking points in the fabric of experience and knowledge. … >>