Oct 20, 6 pm
anna kindgren / carina gunnars

The dismantling of the welfare state or how we resisted television and suddenly faced the great transformation


We work as one collaborative artist and have developed a totally new sensibility for the situations in which we engage. This is apparent in the places/commissions/works that we are involved in. Always from the standpoint of us as the artist, with eyes that perceive several dimensions simultaneously. We see possibilities for a critical approach to our own position. We are trying to hear something that is around the corner. Places as far apart as the little municipality of Tierp in Sweden and the mega-city of São Paulo in Brazil add a constant series of new layers, and we continuously learn new things about our times and ourselves.
We try to unfold things rather than develop them. Friction and resistance provide possibilities for reflection. With unheard voices, questions often meet with silence, ignorance takes on form. … >>