Dec 15, 6 pm
Judith Fischer

Liminal Creatures


Based on my intensive artistic and theoretical research and investigation into vampires & vampirism,1 horror films & haunted houses in literature and film,2 I am currently working on and with the theme of liminal creatures.
Liminal creatures are neither here nor there; they are neither one thing nor another, but instead find themselves betwixt and between positions fixed by law, by tradition, by convention and ceremony. (...) The liminal state is hence often equated with death, with being in the womb, with invisibility, darkness, bisexuality, with the wilderness and with a solar or lunar eclipse. Liminal creatures, like neophytes in rites of initiation or puberty, can be symbolically represented as creatures that possess nothing. (Victor Turner: «Das ­Ritual. Struktur und Anti-Struktur». 2005, original 1969, p. 95) … >>