September 7, 6.30 pm

Nora Leitgeb




photo credit: Moritz Majce + Sandra Man, 2017

September 8 to October 6



Sandra Man + Moritz Majce
CHOROS III (Koroška)


The author/choreographer Sandra Man and the visual artist/choreographer Moritz Majce, who both live in Berlin, have been working together since 2010. What distinguishes their collaboration is that they view and produce choreography not from the perspective of the performing arts but rather as a visual art: as art in space.

For the exhibition Choros III (Koroška), conceived by the duo as an artistic research project on the choir and choreography, they have developed outdoor choral constellations as a way of engaging with the specific spatial conditions of landscape as “nature,” and with the possibilities for its reception as well as with its acoustics, its prospects, and its horizon. In parallel, an exhibition will be presented at Kunstraum Lakeside that is also composed as a kind of “landscape” of various views and sounds. …>>