May 19, 6 pm

May 20 to July 2
Catrin Bolt

Missed the Theme


Missed the Theme / On the Definition
of Spaces

The Palace of Versailles gave me the idea. Every space has a function, a theme— dressing room, breakfast room, reception room. The space and how it is designed dictate what is supposed to happen there. Similarly, the appointments / interior design of the Kunstraum Lakeside art exhibition space give an extremely functional impression—the furnishings and equipment suggest a theoretical, conceptual use more than an elaborate, flowery kind of art. On the one hand, the place defines itself through its design, but on the other it also prescribes a «correct» use. At first I considered employing the furnishings of the Kunstraum contrary to their designated function, taking them apart completely or exchanging them for something different. For example, I can well imagine replacing the furniture and equipment at the Kunstraum with those in the entrance area at the Cité des Arts in Paris. Or, closer at hand and more private, with the furnishings in my apartment. You could then relax comfortably on the sofa, the selection of books would include mostly novels, and you could watch a film from my collection on the DVD player. At home I could watch movies using the beamer, but would have to get used to the somewhat harder chairs, which call for a more upright sitting position, and I would also have to make do with books on art theory as my library. … >>