Opening and artist’s talk:
March 23, 6 pm

March 24 to May 12
Nada Prlja

Wild and cultivated fruits market


Why do «empowered ones,» or the domestic population of any European country persist with the stereotypical interpretation of «the other»—the immigrants? Why does this interpretation of the foreigners lure on the margins to become a folkloric reading? For example, what might be the perception of the majority of Carinthians about the Chechen minority, this small group of 900 people who have escaped the turbulence of war in their own country? By going back to the folkloristic interpretation, how might this unknown and foreign group of people be seen by the majority of citizens in Carinthia? Presumably Carinthians permit themselves, privately and intuitively, to envisage the Chechens as being bride kidnappers or people with long moustaches and joined eyebrows, which inevitably results in fear (as potentially the foreigners could kidnap their daughters, win football matches on their territory, or maybe take their position in society). >>