Oct 21, 6 pm
Karen Andreassian

Ontological Walkscapes


In 2007, the paradigm of Armenian society drastically changed as a result of post-electoral political processes throughout the country. Overcoming their fear, the community rediscovered the political. Besides being a protest site for ten days (in protest against the manifestly rigged presidential elections), Azatutyan (Freedom) Square became a communicative node as well. When Azatutyan Square was taken over by the authorities and the opposition forcibly dispersed, the protest continued in a different format. It continued in the Northern Avenue in the neighborhood of Azatutyan Square. At a certain hour each day, politically active people merged with crowds of ordinary city-dwellers and took part in a specific «political walk.» People just walked, discussed politics. In fact this activity was based on notions of invisibility and non-violent resistance, whose efficiency has been borne out over time.
What was the main purpose of my «infiltrating» the Department of Art History and Theory, Yerevan State University in 2002? … >>