Opening: December 7, 7 pm

Nov 7 to Jan 12
Kamen Stoyanov (BG)

Bingo Topologie


In his book The Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord writes about the omnipresent importance of territory and urbanism in capitalist society: “A society that molds its entire surroundings has necessarily evolved its own technique for working on the material basis of this set of tasks. That material basis is the society’s actual territory. Urbanism is the mode of appropriation of the natural and human environment by capitalism, which, true to its logical development toward absolute domination, can (and now must) refashion the totality of space into its own peculiar decor.” The decor is the space and everything is decor. My project deals with a concrete place in Sofia, namely, a bingo room and its surroundings. I am interested in the great dynamism of this city, which finds itself in the process of a brutal transformation from a socialist society and spatial layout to a capitalist one, in which the decor of the space is no longer shaped exclusively by the state, but rather almost completely by the rapid spread of capital. One ideological order is replaced by another, which promises to function. The heart of the project is made up of two videos. One shows an image of a loudspeaker rising up crookedly over an underpass in which a bingo room is located, and … >>