Nov 24, 7 pm
Peter Spillmann (CH)

Lakeside Story


An interventionist video project

Using a similar procedure to that in Kamera läuft! (Action!), a film was created which analyzes image and reality at Lakeside Park. Together with Mona Kuschel, Katja Reichard and Marion von Osten (film team), Peter Spillmann
presents the project.

In Lakeside Story, the visibility or invisibility of the work of the various actors involved is examined in detail against the backdrop of the different levels on which Lakeside Park functions. Interviews are conducted with employees of the companies located in the Park as well as with the designers and cultural producers who participated in shaping the cultural image of Lakeside. On the basis of interview questions about the production conditions and the employees’ personal relationship to their own work, as well as the hopes, concerns and expectations they associate with their work, dialogues are developed and translated into the outline for a storybook. The resulting scenes are finally re-enacted by actors and shot by a film team on site at Lakeside. The finished video will premiere at the original location and be submitted for discussion. (P.S.)