Film team present at screening

Nov 24, 7 pm
kpD – kleines postfordistisches Drama



2004 | video | 32 min

Kamera läuft! (Action!) is a film project of the group “kleines postfordistisches Drama” that interrogates the working and living conditions of cultural producers. In view of the fact that cultural, usually non-paid or underpaid, work and creative occupations—formerly regarded as exceptions to paid labor—have been stylized in post-fordist societies as models of self-directed work, the film looks at the precariousness as well as the fractiousness that reigns at the workplaces where cultural goods are produced. The film took as its starting point fifteen interviews with cultural producers living in Berlin. The texts then formed the basis for a video project in which the precarious living situation and desires for change were re-enacted in an audition at a “casting.” In collaboration with actors and a film team, the ambivalent situation of the casting was used to recontextualize the edited interview material in a social space, taking the issue of self-promotion and the associated fashioning of the self to extremes. (kpD)