Films, lectures and discussion

Oct 12, 4 to 8 pm


Andreas Fogarasi (A)

Public Brands—Deutsche Städte (German Cities)
2005 | DVD | 8 min

As a supplement to his permanently installed work in the foyer of Lakeside building B01, the artist shows a filmed version of his analysis of urban image production as characterized by the primacy of the corporate aesthetic.

Public Brands—German Cities shows the logos of over 120 cities, and reveals the various strategies, stages and backgrounds behind present-day city marketing. The logos are arranged alphabetically and reduced to black & white (without gray scale), which prompts a focus on their iconography and “tests” their graphic incisiveness in the absence of color—an important demand placed on a “functioning” logo, which also provokes questions on the mechanisms and meaning of this “function.” (A.F.)

Peter Spillmann (CH)
Talking Absolute Business
1998 | video | 20 min

The video Talking Absolute Business is compiled out of footage from various business and news channels. On several levels, the relevant images and a never-ending discourse are used to show how the financial market tries to
earn credibility by means of (media) representation and how much the idea of profitable capital is also a question of current trends and momentarily accepted doctrine. … >>