The aim of the Lakeside Art Program is to provide curatorial accompaniment to an ambitious business and research project, creating an exciting and fruitful interchange between the innovative potentials of the Lakeside Center and pertinent artistic research and analyses. International examples of advanced artistic production are to be incorporated according to context into the functional designation, structure and operations of the science and technology park, in such a way as to promote the reciprocal exchange of ideas, creative processes and socially relevant standpoints as a factor in campus life and work. Moreover, the art program has the goal, beyond its direct significance for users, business partners and visitors to Lakeside, of addressing an interested public, not least the neighboring university. When the managing directors of Lakeside Science & Technology Park approached the curators with the idea for an art program, the park grounds were still just a damp meadow. Conceiving the art program at such an unusually early stage, combined with the exceptionally open attitude of the clients, allowed us to develop a concept that responds to the coordinates of the surroundings and can also comment on these from divergent standpoints.

Christian Kravagna, Hedwig Saxenhuber