Artist talk - Mario Navarro and Jens Kastner: May 10, 6 pm

Opening: May 10, 7 pm

May 11 to June 2
Mario Navarro

The New Ideal Line


My work has been developed mainly from fragile materials, low priced, with very little weight and, as a consequence of this, easily moved and installed. I have worked with different materials and techniques, such as mural charcoal drawings, sculptures, videos and public interventions which have always had an independent sense of being a new object. For some time now, all my work has been produced under a single idea, which sums up and exemplifies my way of producing art: The New Ideal Line. The New Ideal Line was originally the title of an early XX. Century cartoon published in the catalogue for the exhibition “Cartoons About Modern Art” (Tate Gallery, London 1973). The meaning that I have assigned to this phrase is specifically connected to the form taken by the “illusory” deployment of promises for the overcoming of underdevelopment and an immediate access to the modernity of the first world that Chile has adopted since the early nineties, the period of postdictatorship. The New Ideal Line (T.N.I.L.) shall then be the alleged way, the future, the modern. … >>