May 24, 9 pm
Prince Zeka



In his new album Prince Zeka presents 16 songs justifiably entitled “maturité“ (“maturity”): the music is mature, musically and thematically. With his unmistakeable “Makoul“—a style he developed which synthesises soul, rap and rumba Congolaise into a new mixture and to which he gives an unmistakeable tone with his warm voice—Prince Zeka transports messages of equal rights and freedom and, over and above that, a feeling for life that gets its support from a vision of a new and positive culture of freedom and solidarity. Melodious soul melds with rhythmic elements from hip hop, funk and Afro beat.

Prince Zeka sings and raps in French, Swahili, English and Lingala and the influences of soukous—music from his country of origin, Congo—are clearly audible. In his texts Prince Zeka deals with everyday experiences and, equally, with current political events.

Prince Zeka, singer, componist, performer, dancer, producer, MC; born in Bukavu, Congo (Ex-Zaïre), lived in Benin, Togo, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria.