Artist talk: May 3, 6 pm

Opening: May 3, 7 pm

May 4 to July 6
Dorit Margreiter



Disappearance: one-way digital and back

In the dark of the night, two handheld spotlights cast their light on a neon sign mounted above the entrance of a modernistic, one-story building in Leipzig. Twelve smooth-edged and densely aligned letters which are almost 1 meter tall, merge in a blocky object spelling out “brühlzentrum”. The letters quickly light up one by one in the gray mise-en-scène, like sparkling fireflies. The last flickering luminance is not caused by the vertically arranged neon bulbs, but by the bundled reflections of several hundred fluorescent pieces of foil wrapped around bulbs which have crumbled to white powder on the inside. This 16mm film scene is part of Dorit Margreiter’s installation “zentrum”, which also comprises a video, three posters, letter objects, and the publication at hand. The second recording, a video shown on a control monitor, disenchants the events of the night film. The video is a color recording that meticulously documents the course of the production and the process of the film spectacle. Following the rules of documentary film, the video uses a pan shot to slowly shift from the yellow logotype and the adjoining apartment buildings to a patch of green and then return to focus on the minute restoration of each letter. … >>