March 29, 7 pm
Rainer Winter

Resistance in the web? On the formation of a transnational public by means of web-based communication.


While the mainstream medium of television increasingly prepares political issues as “cultural fast food“ (Pierre Bourdieu), a transnational (counter)public is forming in the web, one which questions the neo-liberal order at the beginning of the 21st century and which stands for a democratisation of living conditions. The lecture examines what these transnational, civil society networks look like and the communicative potential they may develop. An important question here is whether the cosmopolitan viewpoints and practices that result are oriented on dialogue and, starting from the transnational character of social development, if they strive for social changes. Using examples of different virtual networks (devoted to issues such as human rights or ecological questions) forms of global activism will be analysed and their importance for a revitalisation of democracy discussed. ...>>