Artist talk: March 15, 6 pm
Opening: March 15, 7 pm

March 16 to April 27
Zeigam Azizov

Hard Spell: A Promise to Generations


It is becoming increasingly apparent that the contemporary global economy operates by adopting the radical inventions of science, philosophy and arts in order to organize a new division of labor (or so-called intellectual labor). One aspect of this division of labor is an optimality of choice based on traditional notions of competition and confidence. That optimality of choice is taken over by the media which build upon highly organized technological inventions and creative forms derived from different forms of knowledge, particularly linguistics. Everyday one comes across media programming which has a strong psychological impact on the viewer. Media does this by regarding confidence as a force to overcome competition. It is said to educate the viewer’s affects and emotional strength in leisure time. The media has become even more of a surveillance machine to ensure that the viewer’s dreams and work potential coincide and are inseparable.

With the installation “Hard Spell: a Promise to Generations,” I would like to problematise the dramatic transformation of radical linguistics into the managerial language of media. The language of media plays an educational role as it increasingly controls the popular consciousness of developing generations. … >>