Dec 6, 6 pm
Peter Spillmann/Katja Reichard/Marion von Osten

Der Park


Video | 40 Min | 2007
followed by a discussion with the filmmakers Peter Spillmann,
Katja Reichard, Marion von Osten.

“It’s a highly distinct, self-enclosed world, like an island!”
“They don’t network, not even the staff.”

A camera moves through a park, picks up conversations, encounters a parking lot, architecture, a barrier, a cafe, a pond, people out for a stroll. It observes an up-and-coming location that seeks to be a political instrument. “The Park” portrays a compact economic and social model that appears to shape notions of the production of knowledge, culture and education. The film is based on research conducted in the Science & Technology Park Lakeside and in Carinthia.

Actors: Eva Brunner, Herbert Brunner, Silke Geertz, Claudia Honecker, Erhard Juritsch, Cornelia Kogoj, Christian Kravagna, Krishan Krone, Mona Kuschel, Katja Reichard, Mischa Sideris and Anneliese Trapic
As well as: Tania Höpfner, Melanie Husel, Milan Kravagna, Romy Pietsch, Peter Spillmann, Ida Tomaschitz, Marion Truger with Valentina, Marion von Osten and Oliver Maurhart with the dog Momo

Screenplay, direction, production design and editing: Katja Reichard, Peter Spillmann, Marion von Osten
Director of photography: Stephanie von Beauvais
Assistant to D.O.P: Milan Kravagna
Costumes: Mona Kuschel
Sound: Bernd Schurer
Voice recordings: csw-records Klagenfurt
Production manager: Peter Spillmann
Unit manager: Claudia Honecker
Technical coordinator: Robert Schabus

Special thanks to: Bernd Buchegger, Barbara Egart, Edgar Egger, Toralf Fercher, Franz Gaul, Gerrit Gebhardt, Manfred Güldner, Maximilian Hesse, Peter Hrassnig, Karin Ibovnik, Astrid Kenda, Peter Komposch, Christian Kravagna, Erhard Juritsch, Barbara Liegl, Maria Mack, Markus Pistauer, Robert Schabus, Dietmar Schwarzenbacher, Stefan Schwarzenbacher, Hedwig Saxenhuber, Hans Schönegger, Peter Ummenhofer, Herbert Wagger and Gabriele Waschnig

The film was funded by Kunstraum Lakeside and the Lakeside Science & Technology Park, Klagenfurt, Austria.

Produced by Labor k3000 Zurich/Berlin 2007